My Disney Pin Collection

i actually did a post of of my Disney Pin Collection, a year or two ago, but i cant find it. haha. my collection is still really small but its slowly growing. i ended up getting an annual pass in February (ive only gone twice so far =/) which led me to getting my very first lanyard. it was a toughy picking out the perfect one.. but of course, i picked Star Wars! haha. on my last trip to Disneyland (April) i didnt end up getting a pin for myself. i was so picky the night i was looking for one and i didnt want to spend more than i wanted to. i realize now that i should have just gotten the one i really wanted. haha. (it was Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit). im a wee bit picky when it comes to the Disney pins. its gotta mean something to me haha. like i dont want to buy it just because, i have to really like it.. i have to really like the characters/theme.
my small Roger Rabbit collection! these are my most favorite pins. i LOVE Roger Rabbit. He is my absolute favorite Disney character (next to Pinocchio). i got the first two online and the third one on my trip to Disneyland in February! its funny, usually when i go to Disneyland my mind tends to think i should get gifts for people. i never end up getting anything for myself. but i realize... i really should start! haha. so i gifted myself that pin (along with a couple more) :) Kermit & Miss Piggy were pins that i bought off of an online friend on Instagram! i love the Muppets.. a lot. and then theres Jiminy and Pinocchio. words cant explain how much i love Pinocchio. i think the fact that the film is so much more than just a boy. i had my friend get me these pins when she went to Disneyland a couple years ago.
Star Wars! Darth Maul is my favorite Star Wars character (& R2D2) so it was a must have to get that pin! i actually got that one online. the Storm Trooper pin i got when i went to Disneyland in February. my goal is to get all them SW pins! haha. My Mickey & Minnie SF Giants pins! never knew i would ever love baseball. haha. i use to hate it. but i attended my first SF Giants game 5 or so years ago and i loved it. so, of course.. Disney and the SF Giants all in one. DUH! :) got them at the AT&T Park. now, if only they had 49er Disney pins =O haha. my little Pixar collection.. Mr. Pricklepants is my favorite Toy Story character! i got him a couple years ago when i went to Disneyland. it was, i think, the first Disney trading pin i ever bought. i love it. Luxo was bought, again, in February. that one was a no brainer. i had to get it! haha. Smitty (from Monsters Inc) was purchased through Ebay, last year. i found him and Needleman (his bff) on there and i had to get them! i gave Needleman to my best friend for her birthday! i cherish that pin.. not only because my best friend is apart of it but also because they dont make those pins anymore.
thats my very small Disney pin collection! i only started a couple years ago.. soooo.. im slowly getting there. haha. if you know any Instagramers (or anyone) with legit pins theyre selling, let me know! x


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  1. AGHHH!!! So radical. I want to collect them so bad. I love the Miss Piggy one.