Le Tunes : The Strokes

so i dont know if youve noticed but ive added a new feature to my blog a couple weeks ago. on the top right corner you'll see "Tune of the Week". i havent talked about it but i think its a good combination with Music Crush Mondays. Every week i feature my favorite bands, music, radio, comedies and even new music ive recently discovered (probably new to JUST me, since i dont listen to the radio haha). you can click on that photo of the featured artist and it will direct you to my Spotify playlist! So, i hope you have Spotify! haha.

this weeks tunes goes out to... The Strokes... duh ;) my favorite band, ever, ever. The Smashing Pumpkins is a close second! i love them too haha. anywho, back to the Strokes. its rare for me that i can actually sit and listen to every song on an album. One of the reason i love the Strokes so much is that i could listen to all five of their entire albums without skipping a song. Yup! True love man!

i have actually seen The Strokes live, once! it was amazing. i wish i got to see them more than that but it just never happens. a month ago, i bought a ticket to see Julian Casablancas (& The Voidz) for their show in San Francisco November 9th! soooo, thats definitely something im really excited for! its not the whole enchilada but Julian is seriously good enough :) his voice is one of my favorites!

you can listen to a playlist i made by clicking on their photo under Tune of the Week :)


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  1. i really love the strokes too, and agree about listening to the album all the way through :)