First Pixar Night at the San Francisco Giants game

ok, how awesome is this: PIXAR NIGHT? at the San Francisco Giants game? come on! Its pretty darn amazing, not to mention that it was the FIRST Pixar Night ever at the game.. also not to mention that I went! YUP! To get into the Pixar Giants spirit.. my best friend, Felicia, and i decided to go all out! We came up with the idea of decorating denim vest with our very own choice of a Pixar character with an SF Giants theme on the back. To create this piece i went ahead and painted them myself! :)
Below you will find all the characters i painted, minus one (Dug).

Of course, i picked the cutest kid ever; Russell from UP. It was a hard decision though.. I also had Mr. Pricklepants in mind. Uh well!
I painted all of them on a canvas bag that i bought from Michaels and just cut them up. I think i had to buy 3 to paint all 8. For paint, i used fabric paint that you can also find at Michaels.
I attended the game extremely early ( i DID NOT want to miss a thing). I have never gone so early before and i didnt know a bunch of people stood and sat around with their baseball gloves just to catch a ball! haha. It was pretty entertaining. My friend i just watched the Nationals as they practiced while i anticipated to see John Lasseter.
Minutes and minutes rolled and FINALLY Sully, Mike and John Lasseter stepped to the plate. I  seriously almost cried and could not believe i was in the same place as John Lasster, its like i basically met him. haha. not really, but it was VERY exciting. I could not get any good pictures of him.. since i was pretty far.
As you can see in the photo above, they look like little specs haha. So i went ahead and labeled them so you can see where they are.
This was my 4th or 5th Giants game ever and i seriously had one of the best nights! They won and i got a compliment on my Russell painting from some lovely people! :) It was a good night!


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