where have i been?

So sorry for not posting lately!
Its been a pretty busy month! Trying to finish some custom work, hitting the gym more, working on pieces for my showcase next month and painting a bunch of San Francisco Giants theme Pixar characters (that i will show sometime soon, im currently painting 8) for the Pixar Night Giants game Monday the 20th! Im so excited for that game! My first Giants game of 2013!
Anywho, here are some highlights from this past week:

 I got to see the "Great Gatsby" finally and now i cant stop saying "Old Sport!" haha. Such a long wait, but it was quite worth it. The directing, colors and acting was GREAT. Leo looked tremendously handsome (as usual)! My only concern was the music. I know, i know.. A lot of people loved it and some may say it was perfect. But for me, it wasnt bad, it was just that i would have wanted to hear more of the music from that time era then to hear the music we hear all the time. You feel me? haha. On another note, i wasnt too thrilled about Jay-z being the Executive Producer either, sorry.. im just not that big of a fan of his. BUT overall, the movie is a MUST-SEE!
Last week i went to Good Will to find a jean jacket (to make in to a vest) BUT i could not find any jackets in my size whats so ever. It wasnt such a sad thrifting time after all, i did find a NEW Betsey Johnson makeup bag in GOLD. i mean, really? it was like meant to be! I also ended up finding two long floral skirts in my size. wow! Thank you Jesus. Eventually i did find a jean vest..... from Target. haha.
Meet Rose and Earl Grey! I tasted Cako Macarons for the first time and they were quite delicious. Im a sucker for Macarons and any time i see them, i will TRY them! I have yet to make my own batch!
Last but not least, this beautiful baby girl. I dont get to see my little niece often anymore (life is getting real busy =/) but i got to see her twice in a row! My goodness, she is growing super duper fast! look at those teeth growing, shes practically one years old. haha.

Thats all for now!
I will try to post regulary again!
Hope you all have a good Wednesday!



  1. I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby - minus the fact that it was a Jay-z music video, haha. I am glad I am not alone in this. Also - score on the makeup bag :]

    1. haha! "Jay-z music video" omg it basically was! haha.. glad you agree! :)
      and thanks.. it was seriously meant to be! yay!

  2. oh I want to see Great Gatsby soooo bad!

    1. You must watch it.. soon :) Leo is such a dreamboat in it, you wont be able to handle it. haha