monday favorites

Most of the time Mondays are pretty busy for me. So doodling and such doesnt happen often but i will try to squeeze in a little Pinterest since im on the computer all day! SHHHHHH! haha. I thought of something cool i can do every Monday from now on, how about "Monday Favorites"? I could show you some of the things im eyeballing! If there are any food or DIY's i will try to even do my own! Here are some of my favorites from today!
Gingerbread Pecan Almond Butter: i mean, really? The only one i have ever tasted was the one from Trader Joes and it was SOOOO GOOD! I cant wait to make this! 
Invisible Cookie Dough Ice Pops: these are definitely getting made once i buy a ice pop mold! These ice pops are made with Almond milk! how delicious does that sound? Try it!
Mini Spiced Chicken Burger w/ Mint Greek Yogurt: This looks and sounds so healthy! I been trying to eat a lot healthier and Pinterest has so many good recipes, im definitely going to make this!

Tell me some of your favorites!!


  1. Dude. Your blog is the cutest!!! I'm so happy that I came across it :)


    1. aww thank you so much!! im very glad! :)

  2. those cookie dough popsicles look heavenly!