Tea Party Wonderland

i was recently asked by my sister to help out with my nieces 13th birthday party (the 8th of June). she wants to throw her an Alice in Wonderland / tea party birthday that isnt going to cost a lot. I told her, with my help, its possible! :) One thing i love to do are DIY's and if you didnt know this about me, i love throwing/decorating parties with themes. I have already a bunch of ideas in mind (thanks to Pinterest as well) and will show you all the process when i start but for now lets start with the invite.
All i could see in my head is the dainty tea party with a hint of Alice in Wonderland, so i came up with and designed this invite above. My sister loved it. and guess what? it doesnt cost much at all. I think the only thing purchased for this is the paper, which wont be too much.
Im super excited about this party! Stay tuned for more.

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