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 When i listen to a certain genre, band, album, singer, etc. I get obsessive and wont listen to anything else for MONTHS. Below are my five top listens, pretty much what i have been listening to NON-STOP.
 1. Seth Macfarlane: i am a huge fan of Seth and when i heard his album "Music is Better Than Words" i simple fell in love with him more than ever. I have not stopped listening to it and i recommend it. He is probably my favorite singer in this whole entire world. haha.
2. Frank Sinatra: i mean who doesnt love him. Frank has always been one of my absolute favorites and ever since i started listening to Seth Macfarlane i wanted to broaden my Big Band obsession, what better way than to listen to Frank.
 3. Benny Goodman: well, not sure if you can tell.. but Im pretty obsessed with Big Band music and theres no other way to get in touch with the genre than to listen to the king of Big Band.
 4. Randy Newman: huge fan of movie scores, especially Disney & Pixar ones. One of my favorite composers is Randy Newman and i felt that since Monsters University's coming out soon, listening to Randy has made me more excited! Not to mention, inspired!

5. Happy Body Slow Brain: ok, so HBSB may not be in the Big Band range, but ever since i saw them live in January i pretty much have been listening to them non-stop. Pretty insane, but trust me when i say.. YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO THEM.

What have you all been listening to? Any Big Band recommendations? or any bands/music in general?


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  1. Not sure if I can give you any Big Band recommendations, but check out Local Natives or Radical Face, because they're just so perfect! :)