Best of 2013 (Instagram) + fave shot of the year

I don't think I could complain about any year! theres always the fun times and down times but its usually what you get out of it and what you learn is what makes you think back on the year. This year made me realize who I really am, what I want to do and what I want to be. Its made me write down the goals for next year. travel more, do more things (comic con, warrior dash, etc.) and do possibly anything that makes me happy! I gathered photos from my instagram of the highlights from every month. I encourage you all to do the same! Though, some months had more than one highlight I figured picking one photo would be more simple. haha.

January - was the start of being more active. hiked up Mission Peak for the first time and though it was a challenge I felt so accomplished.
February - Disneyland. Nuff said.
March - and after Disneyland, we made a day trip to Universal Studios. fun and exhausting day.
April - my UP/Disneybound birthday. My best friend, Felicia, made my cake. AMAZING.
May - getting to go to the FIRST Pixar night at the SF Giants game. and also getting to see John Lasseter throw the opening pitch!
June - I did my second RAW showcase! I was a nervous wreck but my friends made the whole night worth it!
July - a weekend trip to LA. which included the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. I want to go back!
August - my baby niece, Elayna, turning ONE.
September - making sales like I never had before in my shop.
October - another quick LA trip to see Danny Elfmans music from the films of Tim Burton. BEST. NIGHT. EVERRRRRR.
November - was a bunch of San Francisco trips which included hitting up the Nespresso café for the first time. im obsessed with their Iced Caffe!
December - MAUI. my first time ever in Hawaii and I hope I get to go back.

and as for my favorite shot of the year..

its simple but its become one of my favorites and probably one of the best days ive ever had. though I spent about 5 hours in Santa Monica that day, I seriously fell in love with the place instantly. Its made me love Socal even more. I have been wanting to move to LA for quite some time now and Santa Monica just got me smitten even more.

Can you believe its almost New Years?! I don't even have any plans yet. haha.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :)

Rosa Clementine


  1. So many rad moments for 2013. I love my brooch and wear it on my cardigan everyday.

    1. it seriously makes me so happy you love your coffee brooch! :) so glad you own it!

  2. SUCH a cool idea, I really need to start an many amazing shots, LA looks like SO much fun, totally jealous...

  3. I love this idea! One intagram for each month! Lovely photos!