this week has been so stressful. I really have no other word to describe it. I have been having terrible car problems that has got in the way of my Christmas shopping and getting things shipped out :(
I spent money on trying to get it fixed but it seems like theres still a problem. Im not even half way done with Christmas shopping.. Ive decided to just paint all my friends and family something until I can afford the real gifts I want to get them. Sounds like a plan, yeah? haha. Anyway, I couldn't bare to even think about my car and money anymore so I decided to focus my energy on drawing.
I whipped up a new drawing last night and Im kinda in love with it! It will be in my shop in the beginning of January with a whole bunch of new stuff :) So incase you don't follow me on Instagram, I went ahead and posted the picture here!
I will let you all know when tthis & the new stuff are added!

oh, don't forget to read the post below about the Custom Portraits being back :)


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