My Favorite Purse at the Moment

So i wanted to do a post of my current favorite purse. 
I have been eyeing this purse for a good while at Forever 21. Recently i noticed that they were not selling them anymore.. and honestly, i was VERY sad, i cant tell you how much i REALLY  wanted this purse. Well, one day, while i was Christmas shopping.. i seen it just laying on top of a bunch of scarves. Totally out of no where.. just ONE.. sitting there staring at me. I grabbed it right away.. looked at it, to see if it was damaged or not, but i was perfect.. and without hesitation.. I BOUGHT IT.
I love the style, the color. The long strap, retro-kind of old school feel to the purse.
The purse was about $23 dollars. Too me, thats not a bad price for how cute this purse is!

It may not look like you can fit everything in this purse, but i use it for special occasions or if i can find something to really match with it. all i put in here is my wallet, phone, lotion, keys and Chapstick.

I also fell madly in love with the inside of the purse, the floral fabric.. Definitely gives it more character!
detailed strap

Matching my outfit is a bit tricky, but i learned to just have fun with it. If i want a real nice look i will wear a black dress with it. For a more fun and more bright look, i have a blue dress (that i also got at Forever 21) that goes well with the purse. 

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