Elayna Rose

my baby niece, Elayna, turns 1 tomorrow so it seems rather appropriate to dedicate this post to her. Shes having a mermaid themed party and I have been working pretty hard getting some things done the past couple days (fyi: im exhausted) but ill do anything for this baby girl! Im amazed on how much shes grown. Have you ever stopped and really analyzed a baby? haha, that sounds a little weird but my niece has been learning how to walk since last week (shes pretty much walking now). I would watch her get up on her own (with the help of a couch) and just walk while holding on. It amazes me how we don't even "make" them walk or "tell" them to walk, they just do it! I love that shes so eager to walk.. like shes made a goal for herself to accomplish it. haha. Shes also all over the place.. I mean, she wants to touch and eat everything so I guess that explains why shes to eager to always get up. haha. Its a bitter-sweet feeling to see her grow. I want her to stay a baby but at the same time I want to watch her grow and to be able to take her places and have her remember them. haha. Like Disneyland!

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