a new name

So, if you didnt notice, i changed the name of my blog. I have been wanting to change it for quite some time now. Something fun & cute. For some reason i didnt want just "Rosa Clementine", so i wrote down a list of possible names and i finally picked one. My new blog name is "Pink Milk & Cookies". yay! The story behind the name? Simple! I love Strawberry milk and cookies.. i love sweets. period. haha! k thats all! :)
by the way, heres a drawing i did tonight. A drawing of the famous Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I told myself in May that i was going to sketch everyday.. i kinda failed. haha. but the past 5 days i have been posting sketches on my facebook. Its a goal i hope to continue to stay creative and build up my skills :)


  1. cute i like your drawing and your new profile pic with your donut print shirt hilarious and cute :)

    1. haha thank you :) im not very good at taking cool profile pictures so I thought id just draw myself haha.