Smitten over: Eric Joyner + a makeover

So if you didnt know by now, i love love love (did i mention, love?) donuts. BUT i dont eat them a lot, mainly because im really trying to lose weight and donuts are definitely not the diet food. haha. I have always wanted to open my own little donut shop and sell my art work (along with local artists work). Hm, maybe someday! So, im kinda sad that i JUST discovered the artist Eric Joyner. Crazy right? His work is seriously amazzzzzzzzing. Im going to buy one of his prints.. soon! I cant help but keep staring at his work.. its really inspiring. The colors, the donuts, the robots, the details, the imagination.. i mean, really? Such a great painter! I have decided to start a new series of inspirations, titled "Smitten Over:" so Eric Joyner is my first post of that and i hope you enjoy his work shown here!
the artist himself
ugh, i want a donut so bad! haha.

my storenvy shop, Pretty Clementine, got a makeover! yay. im so excited because it finally looks like a shop. haha. more prints will be added soon and i will post an update once theyre up :)

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  1. cool i have never heard of eric joyner he definitely has a playful whimsical take on things.
    speaking of donuts pony chops paints really cute donuts and other things on shoes
    your shop update looks good I like your ice cream cone girl :)