add a little color

do you ever just sit and just think about your life? sometimes it gets little depressing. The past couple weeks ive been figuring my life out. Certain things (that shouldn't be worrying about at all) have been kicking me down so hard. The old "why don't I have a boyfriend?" "why doesn't he like me?" "why do they not invite me?" "why do I always feel left out?" "how much longer do I have to stick with this junk car?" and "I hope I don't live at home till im thirty". I really hate thinking those things because it makes me feel like I don't even appreciate everything in my life. Though, I think we're aloud to complain *once* in a while. haha. Its human nature to. So lately, instead of "feeling depressed" about things, I have been reading a lot of Crazy Love and opening my bible (well, the bible app on my iphone haha). Not only am I getting a word from God but it always gives me a better mind set on things and it sure makes me a lot more happier. Aside from my bible; things like rearranging my room, drawing, reading and being around good company has helped me out a lot. If youre ever feeling the same; add a little color! Do something fun! Even if its by yourself.. Go to a book store, coffee shop, paint, the list goes on. Just some words to hopefully inspire you :)



  1. wow, your blog is so very lovely and fun! i am so thrilled to have found you!

  2. I'm going to focus on making things this weekend thanks for the encouragement :)