I trust you all had a splendid weekend? mine was rather busy/relaxing/hot! Saturday was my sisters
birthday. We went to Broadway Prime in Burlingame and I bought her burnt almond cupcakes from Peters Bakery. Pretty much the best cake you will ever have in your entire life. seriously. Take a trip to San Jose, ca. You wont be disappointed! haha. After my sisters dinner, I had a lazy Saturday night at home. Sunday was a bbq at my best friends house, which was pretty relaxing while we watched Fast5. oh yeah, I gotta mention how extremely HOT it was yesterday. ugh, I hate the heat. I cant wait for Fall!!!
Oh, by the way! ive added a few things to the Pretty Clementine shop. Ive added my sketch of Pinocchio and Alice as well. Spock and Snow will be added tonight. PLUS a ton more :) yay!

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  1. OMG I can't wait to check out the new prints. That Spock is so rad!