my late night therapy

why did it feel like yesterday was the slowest day ever? I don't know what it was about yesterday but it wasn't the best. haha. After work, I kinda just sat on my bed most of the time, pigged out and watched Full House. At around 12am I finally decided to get off my bed and do something.. CREATIVE! So I went to my desk and painted a little ice cream cone. I will be putting this in my shop later today if anyone wants it! :) (oh and i forgot to add other prints into the shop as well, so those will be there by tonight). After painting I felt like I actually did something with my life. haha. But I guess its nice once and a while to just relax, its just that sometimes my mind wanders into the realms that I swear to never think about and then I feel sad. is that just me? =/ haha. So its better for me to keep busy! Read the bible, read Crazy Love, Paint, Draw.. you know, the good stuff!


  1. cute little ice cream cone ....i like the gold sprinkle accents :)
    I sometimes get started late at night too, i always like to be busy rather than doing nothing, it's nice to get ideas out on paper :)

  2. I love the gold sprinkles and the pastel ice cream colours. So cute.