I was hoping to get some little paintings done last night but my flu wasn't letting me do anything but lay in bed. *sad faced*. Uh well, im feeling... some-what better. Anyways, lets talk about something delicious! Besides donuts, my friends know me as a huge macaron lover. I will try them at any place that sells them. So a couple weeks ago I tried some at a place called Chantal Guillon - Macarons + Teas, in Palo Alto (University Ave.). *SIDE NOTE: Palo Alto = land of the Francos!*. OMG. I think theyre the best I have ever tasted (so far). The flavors I got (left to right) were: dark chocolate, persian rose, tahitian vanilla, almond amaretto, coffee and italian pistachio. yup, I finished them allllll byyy myyyyself. haha. All of them were amazingly delicious but there was something about the tahitian vanilla that stood out the most. You want to know what the best part about Chantal Guillon? My friend literally lives next door to it. NO JOKE. haha. I cant wait for my next visit to his apartment haha or maybe I can just call him up and asked him to bring me some tonight? I don't know, maybe! haha. I mean I could probably go to Palo Alto whenever I want (its about 20mins away) buuuuuut I hate traffic! :(
What are your favorite Macaron places? and whats you favorite flavor?


  1. sorry to hear you are not feeling well :(
    i've never had macarons actually......I guess I will have to try one sometime, because they seem a little difficult to make yourself

    1. oh! please try them, theyre soooooo good!
      There is a place called Cocola not too far from where I live, they only have 5-6 flavors but theyre good enough! mmmmmm
      & thank you, im feeling a bit better :)

  2. Yummy, do you want to visit my blog and give me a comment? :(
    so happy, if you want :) <---- here!

    x Natasha x