Oh my darlin

if you haven't gotten the chance, visit my shop Pretty Clementine. I have added some new prints and paintings :) and if you didn't know, you could take 10% off your entire order when you use the code PRETTY (this code can be used anytime, it doesn't expire!). Wait, that's not all! You'll get free shipping with orders $25 & over. That's a pretty good deal if I don't say so myself. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I don't know, you might get a small print (of my choice) with your purchase.. just saying ;)
Happy shopping!


  1. you've been busy can't wait to see what the other princesses look like :)

    1. im hoping to get them done by the next week :)

  2. oh wow ! just saw your ad on scathingly brilliant ... so glad I clicked on over !! new follower here. can't wait to check out your etsy and the rest of your blog <3 !!! heartandthrift.com -Samantha