friday fun facts

here are some fun facts about me. happy Friday :)
(incase you wanted to know: orange cardigan/scalloped ring/bicycle tank top - all from Forever 21)

- Daria was one of my favorites to draw when i was little! I would wait for it to come on just so I can draw all the characters.

- Besides teaching myself how to draw, im a self taught painter (which is why I don't have any professional techniques haha). I loved drawing so much that I decided to try watercolor, then I wanted to explore the world of painting. I didn't start painting till I was 15 or 16 years old.

- my parents didn't really care too much about what I watched when I was little, so I got to watch Beavis and Butthead a lot :)

- my childhood crush? it wasn't Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Devon Sawa. It was Kevin Zegers & Elijah Wood (I still dig them both).

- I watched Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in theaters FIVE times. #nerdtothefullest

- The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar film. I'll always have the memory of my dad taking my brother and i to watch it in theaters and my dad had this embarrassing smoker cough and then he eventually fell asleep. haha.

- I went to the Vampire Diaries Convention in San Francisco last year. best day ever. I got to see Paul Wesley (Stefan), Ian Somerhalder (Damon) & Steven McQueen (Jeremy) on the panel. My friend and I also got a photo op with Steven! :)

Jay Leno waved at me. On my last trip to Hollywood, my friends and I decided to drive around Beverly Hills and look at all the fancy houses. When we were stopped at a stop sign, a man in an old school car was on the other side - stopped as well. My friend was driving and I was in the passengers seat. as we pass by she says "hey look its Jay Leno, wave." i thought she was joking and it was just a man that looked like him. But i waved anyway. when i was waving he gave a nod, smiled and waved back.. and our faces were in shock! we screamed! and all i was thinking at that moment was *omg, it really was him and he waved back*. haha.

- i spend a lot of time at Peets Coffee and Tea. Im there 7 days a week on my lunch break. Im obsessed with their Ice Vanilla Latte & sugar cookies.

- I loved Posh Spice. When i was younger i sent her a letter and attached a small plush toy to the envelope (i glued the tag to it). Later my mom handed me back the plush toy (it obviously wasn't aloud to travel with the letter) and i remember feeling sad that it never got sent to her. I wonder if she ever got my letter though, probably not. haha.

- i am the aunt to this adorable boy. my nephew Jonovan turns 9 today! happy birthday to him :)


  1. I loved Daria too :) and the Incredibles is one of my favs yay super hero family togetherness lol

  2. Interesting to know you loved Daria, in fact, your illustrations really remind me of some of the characters, like Quinn! x

    1. really? :) that's so cool! im glad my inspiration from Daria has rubbed off on my work :)

  3. Love this post. You are adorable. I love Beavis and butthead and Daria. Two of my all time faves.