a fun filled weekend

Lately my weekends have been extremely busy, in a good way. but i am lacking some sleep =/ uh well, haha, its summer and im having fun. This past Friday i got to see Happy Body Slow Brain again! It was there last west coast tour until they release their new album. Omg, the only word i can describe about their set was.. hypnotic. I swear these guys are one of the best bands around and they should be bigger than they really are. Not only are their songs really good BUT they are amazing live! There was one song they did at the show where after they were done everyone turned to each other with an amazed/shocking look on their face and people saying "that was awesome" "omg" "are you kidding me?" haha. If you havent heard of them, please look them up and listen to their music :)
For my friends birthday on Saturday a bunch of us went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. So, i dont really ride rollercoasters =/ but thank God they had Discovery Kingdom there so at least i got to do something instead of waiting around while my friends went on the rides. haha. i love animals! Besides being an illustrator i have always wanted to be a Wild Life Biologist (and a Firefighter, haha)! So, i get really excited when theres an opportunity to see animals! After seeing the Dolphins, now i want to be a trainer. haha. But i probably wont! =P i would LOVE to swim with them though.. someday :)
heres last nights sketch of Spiderman :) its weird how much i am afraid of spiders yet Spiderman is one of my favorite super heros! haha

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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