Monroey Dress

Marilyn Monroe. She has always been a big obsession of mine since I was really young. I think the fact that my grandpa was in love with her had a little bit to do with it, haha. A woman with such beauty and class. I cant get over how breathtakingly gorgeous she was. Besides her beauty, I am in love with her wardrobe. A while ago my friend and I were talking about our dream wedding dress. I have two in mind: 1. A puffy knee lenth (1950's style) dress, kind of like this and this (with sleeves). 2. (if I lose weight) A skin tight dress. She asked me to show her pictures but I couldn't find anything that was similar AT ALL. I remember saying "in my head it looks Marilyn Monroey". I didn't get to show her but couple days later I found this photo above. Its EXACTLY how I pictured it. And it has SLEEVES. sleeves! yes! I have this photo saved on my phone and computer, hoping someday I could find someone that can do custom dresses for my wedding day. Maybe I seen this photo before to have remembered the dress but I don't have any memory of it. haha.


  1. oo I really like the 50's dresses know they have marilyn monroe juniors collection @ macy's I stumbled upon a couple weeks ago, kind of random if you ask me, but they do have a version of that famous white dress

    1. thanks for the heads up! :) didn't even know about that collection! haha