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So Indiejane had posted a myspace survey today and it got me thinking.. wow, I cant believe how many of those I did. haha. Honestly, I really liked them and I haven't done it in forever! So..... why not do one!? Here it goes:

three items you will always find in my bag:
chapstick, lotion and my phone.
my favorite guilty-pleasure is:
chicken fried steak and gravy with mashed taters.
if i could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
That's so hard. My first thought was Tim Burton, then Chris Evans, then Walt Disney. BUT I think I would have a blast with Mindy Kaling :)
my favorite song lyric is:
Theres so much going on
Sometimes I can't find my way
And often times I struggle
Struggle from day to day
I have to realize that it's not my battle
It's not my battle to fight
I have to know if I put it in His hands
That everything will be alright
the piece of clothing in my closet that i have had forever is:
I would have to say, my jean jacket that I would wear all the time in high school. cant believe I still have it and it doesn't even fit me anymore :(
my favorite children’s book is:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (+ LOVE the illustration in that book) and there was this book I would ALWAYS pick up but cant remember the name of it; the illustration looked a bit vintagy and there were animals dressed in suits and dresses. If someone knows that im talking about and knows the name.. please tell me :)
i am currently reading:
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
my favorite place to be is:
Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. but mostly my room, haha.
one thing on my bucket list i haven’t done is:
Zip lining. I don't want to bungee jump or skydive but ill do zip lining. OH and swim with dolphins :)
my bringing-down-the-house karaoke go-to song is:
unfortunately, I don't do karaoke. haha. yep, im one of them shy people. But if I were to pick a song it would be any Nsync song. haha.
i am afraid of:
insects and bug bugs. even butterflies!
I would like to read yours, so leave me a comment if you do one!

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  1. Hey Pink Milk and Cookies! I recently discovered your blog via Scathingly Brilliant. I have completed the Myspace-style questionnaire, check it out!

    Thanks xx