New Art: Sherri Dupree Bemis & The Jbots

Here are some recent art that i purchased.
First we got Eisley's Singer/Songwriter: Sherri Dupree Bemis
I mentioned before that i had purchased her art, well.. here are the prints.
I waited till i got all of them to post a blog, she accidently forgot ONE print =P
she made it up by sending me an extra print "Shirley Jones" shown in the forth pic.
I got these 4 " An Odd Bunch - 4x6 Mini Bundle"
for $12.00

Bugging Girl - Pencil Sketch
Mosquito Sprayzilla - Pencil Sketch
Flower Bot - Ink Drawing
Little Miss Social Anxiety - Ink Drawing & Shirley Jones Print

Please check out her website!! She is an amazing artist!! 
Right now her site is temporarily closed since she is on tour, but you can still look around!! :)

Here's a print from The Jbots
11in x 17in 'The Bride" 
$5 + shipping = $10

I follow The Jbots on Instagram and i have loved his work ever since.
I remember when he posted this drawing of The Bride and i fell in love.
So happy to finally have my own print of it! yay!!

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