Pixar: Brave

I tried to start an animation blog a while back, i only did 3 post. haha. Well in one of them i posted about the movie Brave when the teaser first came out!!
Here is the teaser & this is what i wrote (8 months ago):

Pixar is coming out with a new movie next summer. its called “Brave” i have been keeping up with many tweets from some animators at Pixar!! The Brave teaser shows in the previews for Cars 2 (to make sure that you will see it for sure, see the movie in 3D). I got to see Cars 2 this past weekend, but didnt get a chance to watch it in 3D.. i was super bummed that the teaser wasnt in the preview. But the next day or 2 on Twitter, Lee Unkrich posted a link for the Brave teaser!! my heart was pounding like crazy.. like, should i watch Cars 2 in 3D just to see the teaser?? because i know it would be ten times amazing.. but i couldnt wait. So i watched the preview yesterday for the first time and i am completely amazed!! The teaser doesnt show a lot, but it definitely gives you a sprinkle of it!! i couldnt stop watching it yesterday and i think my favorite part about the teaser was Princess Merida’s hair. haha. its absolutely gorgeous!! I give props to the team that worked on the movie, because it looks so real!! :)
Incase you were wondering what Brave is about, its about a Scottish princess, Merida, defies her parents by persuing an interest in archery, but inadvertently jeopardizes her father’s kingdom in the process.
a pretty cool fact to know: this film marks the first time a Pixar produced film has a female protagonist. 
im crazy excited about the movie!! and i really cant wait!! 
P.S. Kevin Mckidd is the voice in the narration of the teaser <3 

Pixar has come out with 3 Trailers for the movie. The movie comes out June 22, 2012!! Its getting closer and i cant wait!! :)
You should check out the Brave website  for more info about the characters in the film as well as a gallery and videos!!
Im so amazed with the art work of this movie!! im ready to see it on screen!!

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