The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Book/Film

Still regret lending my hard copy of the book to a friend.
He ended up moving to L.A. and now its miles and miles away from me.
The book was a birthday present from my cousin, i was 16 years old.
So, i ended up downloading it onto my phone :)
Although it isn't the same.. its better then nothing.

Like for many people, i can relate so much to this book.
I can also read it over and over and feel like its the first time ive read it.
If you havent read this book, i highly recommend it.
It's written by Stephen Chbosky.
The book is about an introverted freshman named Charlie.
He writes letters to an anonymous person about all the different scenes in his life. 
He i an unconventional thinker.... shy and unpopular.
The books also touches briefly on drug use and other things.

As most of the "Perks" fans know.. Stephen Chbosky is directing 
The Perks of Being a Wallflower film.
I have been watching closely ever since i found out.. YEARS ago.
I was extremely happy when i found out that Logan Lerman is playing Charlie.
I couldnt see any other actor playing that roll.
Back then, i useto think that Eric Forman (That 70's Show) was a good Charlie. haha.
Anyways.. The cast for he film is great. Im really excited.

Logan Lerman - Charlie
Emma Watson - Sam
Ezra Miller - Patrick 
Nina Dobrev - Candice (Charlies Sister)
Paul Rudd - Bill
Melanie Lynskey - Aunt Helen
Mae Whitman - Mary Elizabeth
Johnny Simmons - Brad

This list goes on.

I was also SUPER excited to hear that Nina Dobrev is in the film.
Those of you who know me, i am a huge Vampire Diaries fan.
and i have followed her since Degrassi.

Here are some stills from the film.
(I have no rights to these photos. credit goes to Google & IMDB)

They dont say what scenes they are, but i can guess for you :)

In the book Charlie goes with Sam and Partick to a party at Bobs house.. and thats where he tries he first "special" brownie.. and the first time he gets high. I am pretty sure this is that scene.

During one of their hangout times, they play.. i think truth or dare.
Charlie was dared to kiss the prettiest girl in the room.
he was dating Mary Elizabeth, but have always liked Sam.. 
He ends up kissing her instead of Mary Elizabeth.

One of the awesomest things about "Perks" is that they talk about The Rocky Horror picture show.. 
Which i am a huge fan of!

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