So i was one of the nerds that saw The Hobbit at midnight. I cant believe how long ive waited, I also cant believe i went to bed at 4am! BUUUUUUUT omg was it worth it! I am such a Lord of the Rings fan + a Peter Jackson fan.. and knew that this film would be a success! I only read maybe 3 chapters of The Hobbit (still need to create a "me time" in my busy life to finish the book =/) - so i was on my toes watching the scenes when the Dwarves met Bilbo! The acting, music, humor, visual effects, etc.. is such a win!
Its a must see for sure. And you know its a "must-see" when youre up from 12-3am without falling asleep. haha :)
Also, im still in the process of learning all their names. haha.
I think i have only got Kili (*swoon*), Fili & Thorin down. =P
(i do not take credit for both pictures, found them on Google.com)

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