Another Comeback?

So i guess the reason that i havent been blogging is that i dont have too many readers and that my life isnt all too exciting. haha. But, i really want to get serious about blogging starting 2013.
Recently, i have been working non-stop.
Monday-Friday i work until 6pm then after that i work on a bunch of customs until im ready to go to bed! Its been quite exhausting, but i defintely feel blessed.
Cant thank God enough for my talent. i truly love it.
Below is a drawing i did days ago. I been digging deep into my imagination lately :)
Here is another illustration i did! I actually made it into a listing in my shop! Its a cartoony drawing of Cece and Jess from New Girl. One of my favorite shows :)
Please take a look at my Etsy shop for more illustrations and keep a look out for more drawings :)

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