Sprinkles + New Shop

Yikes!! I havent posted in a while.. been sick and i am finally.. kinda.. back to normal :)

Today was TVD day!! The Vampire Diaries Day!! Which means, TVD was on tonight. Great Episode.
But before i watched my show, i decided to grab a Sprinkles cupcake in Palo Alto.
Definitely worth the traffic and i made it home in time to watch the new episode!! haha.
Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake is to die for and i grabbed a Black & White Cupcake to try for the first time.
I thought it was very yummy as well!!
But liked the Red Velvet more ;0)

ahh, theyre soooo pretty!! :)

After watching TVD i decided to FINALLY put my new Etsy shop together!!
So i have a bunch of stuff for sale :) yay!!
more to come!!
But please, check out the new shop!!

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