Happy Body Slow Brain + Gavin Castleton

So a friend of mine is in a band called Happy Body Slow Brain (HBSB), i have listened to a bunch of their songs and have been wanting to go to their show so bad.
Thank God they played in San Francisco this month!
They played at Bottom of The Hill on January 4th, with the very talented Gavin Castleton.
Here are some photos from the show! I got to say, it was one of the best ive ever been to.
Such great music from both HBSB & Gavin Castleton. If you have not heard of them, please take a listen! :)

Sorry for low quality photos, it was pretty dark in there. haha.

Happy Body Slow Brain
Matt Fazzi of HBSB

Gavin Castleton playing with Javier, Matt & Issac from HBSB & Gray Robertson.
My treat, i got myself a HBSB record(s).
Check them out:


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